Our Story.

Most companies like to think they’re different. But honestly, back in 2007 when we set up Creative Escapes, we did so because we thought we could be about offering exciting experiential holidays and not dated, overly technical bootcamps.

Our mix of hands-on demos, non-techy tutorials and individual 1-on-1 guidance will take you from Beginner to Bailey in no time. We steer clear of the well-trodden tourist trail to give you small, tailor-made experiences that has made our client return rate over 65% this year.

“These tailor-made trips give visitors an insider’s perspective of the countries they are touring, with local experts guiding them through unique experiences, in-the-know restaurants and places not normally open to the public. Whilst the hotels are top-notch and transportation comfortable, these holidays are for those seeking something more; the acquisition of knowledge and new skills.”

From boutique hideaways, to eateries only the locals know about – with experiences not listed with anyone else – we’ve found all the coolest places to hang out, shoot and snooze, so you don’t have to.

Along the way, we’ve been consistently recognised in major travel press and been lucky enough to pick up lots of awards for our work. So let us guide you, inspire you, tailor each trip to your precise needs, and make sure your time away is truly one to remember.


Creative Escapes is well known for sniffing out those little hideaways at every location you go to. So whether it's a 15th century fort in rural Rajasthan, a hip design hotel in downtown Siem Reap, or a luxe tented camp in the deserts of Sahara, you'll be sure to take a snooze in authentic style.



Small groups aren't small if they've got lots of people in them.

At Creative Escapes, we never take more than ten, so you'll get lots and lots of 1-to-1 tuition - helping you define your style and shoot images you'll love.


“Creative Escapes takes everyday travel experiences to an inspiring new level. You’ll learn new creative skills, meet like-minded folk and traipse off the beaten path for a holiday to remember. The experienced guides are photography gurus and passionate travellers, who will lead you to the hippest hotels and the prettiest locations on the quirkiest of adventures. Fun is foremost so there is never a dull moment”

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Low Tech.

Our pro photographers can explain the most complex of techniques in just a few words - so you can enjoy more of your holiday and less of your headscratching.

They're also at the top of their game. That means top magazines. And top brands. That way, you're getting cutting-edge tuition that's about as far from the cliched monthly magazine 'tip' as you can get.

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All our methods, techniques and ideas have been hand-crafted from years of professional photography for top brands, magazines and galleries – and as far away as possible from the monthly magazine ‘tip’. We don’t ever tell you the ‘5 best ways of …’ doing something; instead we find your way – our small groups allows us to teach each of you independently, at your own pace.
You'll learn your camera inside and out - but go much further - trying out portraiture, documentary, street, still life and more. So you can make photographs that are relevant to you.