Meet the Team.

We don’t use local photographers; only those who’ve plied their field in the competitive international market, shot campaigns for major brands, magazines and agencies – so you’re sure to get the latest in contemporary photography (meaning your work also stands out from the pack).

Sadly, that’s not the end of of it. Great photographers aren’t always great teachers, so we look for more. Our tutors can also explain the most complex head-scratching concept in just a few words, navigate narrow lanes at locations to pick the best vantage spot for the perfect shot, and join you to share memorable nights out with your classmates.

Here’s our roster of professionals, located across the globe, and ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime.



How it works.

Our hand-built photography adventures across 10 countries worldwide are designed for any skill level, getting you exclusive access to fabulous off-the-beaten track locations, snoozing in plush boutique hotels (and dine in places only the locals know about).