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Photography Tours Sri Lanka - August 2017

Ahh Sri Lanka. A country of lush jungle and paddy fields. Of misty hill country carpeted with the vivid green manicured tea gardens. Of white beaches and impossibly blue sea. It’s really rather perfect.

From enjoying one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys across lush carpeted plantations, to scouting leopards by fast Jeep, interiors in thousand year old caves, and more than one delicious curry, we weaved our way through country and beach to shoot the highlights of this wonderful place.

 Thanks again for all of you who came on our Sri Lanka photography tours – Rebecca truly had an amazing time with you all.

Creative Escapes Sri Lanka
photo tours sri lanka
Perahera 2017
Temple of the Tooth
sri lanka photography tours
sri lanka photography tours 2017

If you’re after variation, this is the trip for you. We start with the basics in Colombo, the garden city of the east, and quickly get up to speed with our apertures and shutter speeds – it’s easy when you know how.

We toured some local villages, then headed up to hill country, to Kandy, the cultural centre, and in time for Perahera, one of the most famous Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka. Once there, we got behind the scenes and shot some candid portraits of the performers, took some stunning low light shots of the party procession, even got some interiors of a thousand year old UNESCO Heritage site.

Then it was onto the incredible train journey, weaving our way across the spine of the island, observing endless undulating tea carpeted landscapes, meeting local monks travelling between stops, and into some fabulous weather. We hit the jeeps in Yala National Park, drank the world’s most expensive tea and of course, shot the famous stilt fishermen at sunset.

Here our are shots of the week from our Sri Lanka Photography Tours …

Shot of the Week – Rebecca

Our nicknamed ‘2.8’ photographer! Having shot for a while and a previous Creative Escapes traveller – Rebecca had a natural eye for light and story! Always finding the perfect angle and shooting with such clarity, this image was taken (at f2.8) on our day at the local fish market in Negombo! Magnificent image!

rebecca danby creative escapes

Shot of the Week – Felicity

Felicity captured this gorgeous image of a tea picker working at a tea plantation, as they work and move very fast through the tea plants. Felicity did a good job to capture her portrait with such pose. Great composition, strong narrative and capturing colours!

Tea Picker Photography Tour Sri Lanka

Shot of the Week – Jane

Jane was grinning so much when she showed this one to the group! A magical Shot taken on the amazing train ride from Kandy to Ella, We were lucky enough to be surrounded by young monks on the last few stops of the trip, his calm stare, composition and eye-catching glowing light makes this one a real winner! Well done Jane!

Jane Savage Creative Escapes

Shot of the Week – John

Wanting to explore Black and white imagery during his trip in Sri Lanka, John spent time mixing natural and flash light in his work. A truly clever social documentary photographer always ready for that moment, the decisive moment! This image was part of 3 black and white images presented to the group on our final evening. John portrayal of Sri Lankan people and their connection with the ocean was a stunner. So energetic and striking! You should be very proud!

Photography tours sri lanka

Shot of the Week – Julie

After proclaiming her husband was the real photographer and she just set it to Auto – Julie really excelled from beginner to full manual confident portrait photographer in only 10 days. Always finding stories and connecting with her subjects – and was nicknamed by the group our ‘emotional’ photographer. This photograph was taken at a local food market in Colombo. Beautiful.

Creative Escapes Sri Lanka 2017

Shot of the Week – Louise

After conquering her fear of taking portraits of strangers, Louise found this gentlemen down the backstreets of Galle, he told her his story and she created this superb image. Such a strong Portrait with atmospheric light. Awesome shot and great story to tell along with it!

sri lanka photo tours creative escapes

Shot of the Week – Varsha

Our very own abstract photographer, always taking one step back to view the situation before finding her unusual angle and perspective. Varsha always shoots with a strong narrative that’s isn’t always obvious at first. This shot was taken on our safari day in Yala national park. An impactful black and white shot that fills the screen with beautiful detail.

sri lanka tourism photos

So which one was your favourite. Let us know below!

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Cuba Photography Tour June 2017 Highlights

Timeworn yet magnificent, dilapidated but dignified, fun and full of energy – our fifth year in Cuba – and still a country of indefinable magic.

We chose early June to land, with fewer tourists, great weather and no hurricanes in sight.  We based ourselves in a 5* hotel overlooking the sea, and slowly worked our way behind the scenes far from tourists to get a unique insight into what makes this country tick.

We shot sunsets from the back of a 50’s Buick, got private access to the Ballet, rolled up some passable cigars in a place Arnie buys his, even stopped in for tea to see Roberto Salas, Fidel’s personal photographer. In sleepy Trinidad, we shot classic B&W street photography in this UNESCO-listed site, had more mojitos than we should have, and ate some of the most delicious food in Cuba.

Thanks again for all of you who participated, it was one to remember.

Cuba photographic workshop june 2017
Our collective spending power can make real change to the people at the destinations we go to. By incorporating them in the process we not only benefit from unique experiences but genuinely help them. Creative Escapes are proud to support chosen NGOs, Art organizations, and remote community initiatives on every trip.
photographic tours of cuba
Client Image : Sanjay
photo tours cuba
Client image : Sanjay

We began where every great trip should start. At the bar. And not just any bar, one where Al Capone used to meet all the mafia bosses in the twenties, still with comfy leather club chairs, a rum selection to die for and a cigar room haunted by celebs.

Steering clear of the few tourists that were around in this low season, we ducked through the graffiti-laced backstreets to see the real Cuba, heading west in old Buicks to see Roberto Salas, and shot scapes of the city from our private teaching space. A quick detour out to the tobacco fields of Vinales, shoot some candid portraits of farmers (and roll a few) plus enjoy a spectacular lunch of organic food with jaw dropping views of the valley.

Then honey cocktails in Trinidad (yum), got very tanned, and discovered perfect conditions aboard our bar/train out to Valle de los Ingenios. A quick portrait shoot with some horses, we were back in Havana at the ballet, shooting graffiti, boxers in training, and candids inside locals houses. We shot in a school, a nearby artists community, and even more portraits inside houses. A stunning, lively, and 100% fun 11 days in the tropics!

Here our are shots of the week from our Cuba Photography Tour

Shot of the Week – Mette

Like all Creative Escapers, Mette loves to travel. She wanted to become more proficient as a photographer so she can enjoy making pictures when exploring the globe. Mette had little experience shooting manually, but got to grips with the technical aspects of photography quickly – which gave her plenty of time to make more creative work. 

Mette is very a considerate photographer and responded really well to our recommended approach of of shooting fewer images of higher quality. Mette had no interest in shooting cliche and as we kept shooting, we realised she had a particular interest in photographing how women and children fit into Cuban culture. Feeling relaxed about her technical skills, she took some very strong portraits in Trinidad – like this one – and on our return to Havana, nailed it at the ballet and the boxing gym. Great fun to be with, top time and lovely work. Super well done!

cuba photography workshop june 2017

Shot of the Week – Ian

Ian was a complete newcomer to manual photography and used the Escape to firmly get to grips with his camera. With guided tuition was making consistently accurate manual exposures within a day. And, although he didn’t realise it at first, he also has a good instinct for composition and this together with observations of colour and light, his confidence grew quickly.

On the first day Ian was less sure about what to photograph, but it the aid of a variety of practical briefs, he quickly got his eye in and used each photographic assignment to explore and experience Cuba further. Initially less interested in photographing people, Ian got great results when shooting the portraiture, in both Havana and Trinidad, where he shot this cracker of a boy playing in the street. Well done you. 

cuba photography tour june 2017 highlights

Shot of the Week – Søren

Søren is a Cuba regular and has been making images for some time – but enjoyed getting back to basics and refreshing his technical skills before being set loose to make pictures. 

He set himself some tough challenges, such as making his own location backdrop and hanging it in the town square! Shoot after shoot, he started to see a marked development in his approach to documentary, street and portrait photography and came back with an amazing portfolio of work. In fact, come the end, he began to collate an emerging body of work exploring his passion about Cuba – which we hope to see as a book in the near future. Good luck Søren. 

photography holidays cuba

Shot of the Week – Sanjay

Sanjay is passionate about photography, with a particular interest in portraiture. He is pretty confident approaching people – and probably photographed half the population of Trinidad and visited most of them at home! 

Although having already developed an approach to making a successful photographs, he was less experienced at making images containing narrative and also needed guidance building photographs into a series. During the holiday, we worked on broadening his stylistic repertoire, and considered different approaches to working in series. Sanjay has the ability to be a bit of a chameleon aesthetically so we also worked on strengthening his ‘visual voice’ as a photographer by shooting around a concise theme. And from that, some lovely images flowed.

photography tour cuba june 2017

So which one was your favourite. Let us know below!